And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. ~D&C 84:88

Monday, September 21, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños Hermana Hardy!!!

Hello everyone!

What a wonderful birthday! Thank you all so much for the packages, cards, emails, and happy wishes!

So this was definitely a birthday I will never forget! haha. So we had exchanges from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon. They went pretty well. But on the way back from Humacao we got a little lost... Woops! 

When we finally found our way back onto the route we needed to follow we were good until we came up on some traffic in the forest. We waited a good half hour until finally someone told everyone that the road was closed and we had to go the LONG way through Caguas to get back to Guayama. I was driving for a really long time on Wednesday! But that night we went on Visitas Pastorales with the members. 

Hna. Martita then took us to go get pizza in the plaza. Then Familia Marrero drove past with the other sisters and they all came inside and we all ate pizza together and then they took us all to ice cream. The members here are so sweet. They made it a really special birthday!

Last Monday we ate with Fam. Marrero and they had a cake and they sang to me and everything! They gave me a really pretty journal. Their son also got back from his mission last week! poor thing came home to find that he has four sisters that are there to eat dinner every Monday. Haha, we love this family. Hno. Marrero looks both like Dad and Mr. Jorgensen. Mary Sue is a sweetheart. 

I also loved my package! I ended up getting it on Friday because the other sisters had to go to the office! Thank you sosososososo much! Haha, I loved it. There are a LOT of cookies from the dearelder package! I got the dear elder package on Tuesday and we took pictures with the members and the balloons and everything.

There aren't really any different traditions in the PR. Well, at la casa de familia Marrero they rub frosting in your face! they also have a special birthday song.

The sisters that were sick are doing tons better! 

This week I was studying about humility and relying on the Lord and relying on the Spirit to receive revelation and guidance in missionary work. Sometimes I worry that I depend too much on my own abilities instead of trusting more in the Lord to do this work. Not because I think I can do it myself but because sometimes I just don't take the time or thought to focus on depending on the Lord and doing what He wants us to do.

The most exciting thing that happened this week.... Well, My birthday! Getting lost on the way to Humacao, celebrating with members, then fam. Marrero's missonary came home, stake conference, and exchanges! Exchanges are tomorrow.

Every single one of the sister companionships in our zone are changing except for us. Today we are figuring out the plans and the times and the drop offs and pick ups, tomorrow I will be driving back and forth over the island. Should be fun!!

Now let's talk about something more exciting!! Baby Gough is a girl! I am really really surprised! I thought it would be a boy! YAYAY! We get a little ballerina. I am so excited, I can't handle it! That makes me so happy! It looks like that party was really cute and fun! I loved the videos you sent!

This email is pretty short, sorry! I am going to send photos!

xoxo Hermana Hardy

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