And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. ~D&C 84:88

Monday, December 22, 2014

¡Feliz Navidad!

¡Feliz Navidad! 

So this Thursday (Christmas Day) we do not have a very set time... I will call between 1:30/2:00 to 4:00/5:00 Puerto Rico time. (10:30-2:00 Utah time) I will try to have the member we will be with to shoot you a text so you don't have to wait around. We have 45 minutes to skype! I cannot believe I will be on the big TV in the living room, haha!

Christmas Eve we will be eating dinner with a member who invited all the missionaries over. Christmas day we will do the usual studying and our weekly planning until 1:00 then we will go over to a member's home to skype and eat and whatnot. No one who had the technology to skype could have us over so we will be going with the other sisters to a family in their ward.

I have all of my Christmas packages! I started laughing so hard when I saw that you sent me a REAL tree. I still can't believe it. I might have opened the package and things from Lexie's package already... :D...
Last week was rough lesson wise and I needed something to pick me up! I might have peeked at Grandma and Rob's, but the rest of the presents are still wrapped and waiting for Christmas Day! I spread them out over the days and enjoyed looking up each scripture to guess what it was! I received the letters from the Bishopric and Stake Presidency but I have not yet received the letters from the Ward. Please tell them thank you and that I love them and Merry Christmas!

I saw Megan Cundick last night at the President's home! I was so excited, it was so awesome to see her and see baby Maggie! I also saw Ms. Boucher, Hannah's teacher! It was such a wonderful experience being there as a zone and to feel the Spirit.

In my studies this morning I was reading in the December Liahona. I believe the author was Pres. Uchtdorf in the main article this issue and he spoke about how Christ was the perfect example of humility and giving gifts. My testimony grew so much from reading about how we can become like Christ by sharing as He did compassion, love, patience, comfort, and more. I realized that we can never give such a gift of the Atonement and Eternal Life as He did but bringing and inviting others to partake of these gifts is something that we can give to Christ and to the people we meet.

Yesterday our ward didn't really have a Christmas program per se but they did have members come up and share what their favorite hymn is and why and then everyone sang 2 verses. I didn't really have all of the numbers or time to practice so I learned some new hymns yesterday during Sacrament Meeting!

It wasn't too bad, The Lord has blessed me in my sight reading. I realized as the meeting started that because our schedule is backwards that our Sacrament Meeting starts at 11:00 Puerto Rico time, which is 8:00 Utah time. So Mom, Dad, and Hannah- we were performing musical numbers all at the same time!! That thought made me happy:) I hope you guys aren't tooo excited for the things I sent! haha, they are all small and a bit silly but I hope you like them! (for mom- have you guys tried the candy yet??)

We met a really cool family this week- I will tell you more about them next week! I am trying to send photos right now but for some reason this computer is really laggy and so I might just send them all next week.

Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas you sent me! The smell of pine is so wonderful! I cannot wait to talk and see everyone on Thursday! Enjoy your Christmas and know that the best present you can give is the love of Christ and the Gospel!

Take care my beautiful family! I realized last night that around this time next year I will be returning (we will have to postpone Christmas so I can spend it with you in January haha). I am so grateful for the opportunity to dedicate all of 2015 to the Lord. Everyone says that after 6 months (Jan. 30 for me) that the time flies even FASTER I can't believe that because it has already gone by so fast.



Hermana Hardy

Monday, December 15, 2014



We had a sudden transfer this past Saturday morning because they needed Hna. Gawrych as a STL. We found out Thursday night, while we were on exchanges, so Hna. Gawrych had the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone at the party on Friday. I am super sad to see my mom go, but at least I had her for 2 more weeks! I am a bit nervous to be handling this area and showing it to my new comp.

So now I have a new companion! Her name is Hna. Gomez and she is from the Dominican Republic! (I am sorry, I do not have a picture to send yet..) (I will fix the Christmas gifts to say Hna. Gomez)
She is super sweet, funny, and happy! My Spanish has improved already in the past two days. She has been out on her mission for 1 year and has absolutely no fear to talk to people. I really admire that about her. We get along really well and I am super excited to learn more about her and from her. I will tell you guys more next week!

Well we had a lesson yesterday and we ate dinner first then went into the living room to start with a prayer. We started out talking about her reading in the Book of Mormon, and the conversation turned to prayer. She says that we all pray so beautiful and she wants to learn how to pray like that but she feels like she doesn't know how. A thought came into my mind to share my first experience having my personal prayer at night in Spanish.

That experience is still hard for me to put it into words but I tried my very hardest to share with Heavenly Father everything I wanted to with my very limited vocabulary. I was feeling very upset because I felt like I couldn't express myself properly when I felt the Spirit comforting me, telling me that even though my words and grammar are simple and even incorrect Heavenly Father knew what I was feeling and trying to say.
I likened this to her saying that the language of prayer is just like learning spanish or english- we need to practice and it becomes easier with time but always Heavenly Father knows what it is our hearts and minds no matter if our sentences are eloquent and fluid or not. I hope that she takes the Spirit she felt into her heart. She says she will practice and out of her own accord she said, Ï'll pray the next time you come!' she was very excited! So I am happy!

Rain in Puerto Rico. WELL, it rained a couple times this week, one time it was while we were driving from exchanges, not in our area. Last night at 3:00am it started POURING and it woke me up but I was able to fall asleep to the sound (I love the sound of rain).

We have plans for Christmas Eve, a woman invited all eight of us over for dinner. We had tentative plans for Christmas day and that fell through. I asked almost everyone I know who has internet and a tablet or ipad and everyone said no because they're busy having family over and whatnot. So I am in a bit of a panic because as of right now there is no one who can have us over for Christmas Day to skype with our families.
There is one last person I know of that I am going to call but I am nervous that she will be in a different part of the island with her fiance and his family. So we will be praying for a miracle for next week because I do not really know what to do or who can have us over. I am trying not to feel anxious about it.

No baptism this week. We are still working on people. We have some neat potentials however! We are being a bit pressed to have one before the year ends so we are working hard!

Is Hannah performing Christmas Eve? I hope she feels better! You will be in my prayers!! I am excited for the Christmas packages:) Hopefully I will be able to email you next week in this library... If not, Merry Christmas! I would have to talk to President about notifying you for our call time. We will have to see.

I am curious to know what Jonny's secret oasis of Christmas presents is hahaha, I promise to not open his until Christmas!

Take care! Have fun with your performances Mom and Hannah! and good luck with Finals everyone! I love you all SO MUCH! It doesn't feel like Christmas at all haha because there is no snow and no one is here. I feel like it is still August:)

Hermana Hardy

Monday, December 8, 2014

All Back 110%

Hello Family!

Progress report on injuries: completely gone! Well, slightly discolored and tender but I am back 110%!

Stories about lessons and memorable experiences: Well, we had to recommit our lady who was going to be baptized to read the Book of Mormon and to pray because she doesn't have a testimony yet:( but We are back on track! We had a slightly paranoid lady tell me that I look like I would be a nun in another life (she has some pretty neat conspiracies... and thinks the neighbors have a vendetta against her and pay men to through stink bombs at her house)
At one point she said : "there! they did it again! can you smell that?!?!' (we couldn't smell anything...). Someone thought Hna. Gawrych was my mom. Our WML almost got my name right this week! He called me Hna. Gardy. The funny thing is is that the Elder Boren in our ward transferred and we have another Elder Boren that transferred in and the WML still can't remember his name. haha.

This Sunday I actually understood what was going in in Relief Society! (well, I usually understand other Sundays but this one more than others). Our lesson was on prayer and how it is a blessing and commandment. The Gospel Principles class (we had lots of people this week!) was about the Signs of the Second Coming. People on the street talk to us about those sometimes and get way into it and worked up and all I can really say to them is that if you are righteous, you don't really need to worry! Also, I suppose I can say that the signs about the Restoration and BoM have come to pass!

Testimony was amazing this week. We have a less active who is very old and can't come to church sometimes because she just physically can't but her testimony is so strong. She tries to come as often as she can and I was sitting next to her during the meeting and she decided to bear her testimony and we all had to help her get up there. Her testimony was amazing and the Spirit was so strong in that meeting. She is so sweet and firm in her faith.

They decorated the plaza with lights! Some people decorate their houses but not many. They have pasteles for Christmas, and lots of treats and dulces. There is one called Tembleke which is like a coconut pudding and it is my favorite! I have the recipe and I am going to make it. I also sent a package with some of the treats inside for everyone to try.

I received the package from Aunt Jenny and cousins and the letter from Family Beck! I am so happy to hear that Natalie is doing well and I cannot wait to read her emails home!

Good luck everyone with finals and with Christmas decorations! Keep your eyes out on the mail. I cannot believe that it is Christmas already because I feel I left home last week! I love and miss everyone but you all feel so close to me anyways.

Hannah can take my converse! Be careful that you don't hurt your ankle dancing in them! They can be tough to dance in sometimes. When is the Nutcracker for you?!?! Pinky Luck!

I loved the pictures from dad! did Jonny and Hannah run too??

I love you all take care!!

Love Hermana Hardy

Monday, December 1, 2014

On The Mend...

Hello everyone!

My injuries are healing so fast that is really is quite the miracle. I am so grateful for that and for everyone's prayers because Í know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. I have a lot of new skin! that part is healed up even though it still looks a bit funny. I was hoping that I would have a wicked big bruise but it does not look as hard core as I wished haha:) My leg is still tender and I cannot run or stomp on cockroaches with it (I accidently tried--ouch!) and the rest of me is okay!

Jonny told me to tell a funny story and lots of funny things happen but I think my favorite one this week was during a really good lesson with a woman and her son (this 8 year old who is awesome and straight up said that he wanted to be baptized before we invited him. Then he ran around his apartment saying "baptize me baptize me baptize me" and we told him that we have to teach him more and he said, "what are you going to teach me next" He also loves the BoM and reads it a lot.).

But I digress... So I have a habit of smiling and nodding while everyone else speaks and this kid totally called me out on it. He said, "she nods A LOT' and then during the lesson he would start nodding furiously at me to make fun of me. Then later he started COUNTING all the times I nodded. So he was counting on his fingers and held out five fingers and said, "she's nodded 5 times!" (and I did not realized that he was talking about me) so I nodded my head at him again because I didn't know what he was talking about and then he said "six!!!!' and yeah. My companion was dying and had to explain that part to me after. heheheh. I will work on that.

Thanksgiving was fun!! We ended up spending 4 hours at a new inv. house. She is the one that invited us over after she heard about the accident. So for the first little bit they had me play hymns on their piano and they showed us pictures of everything (including missionaries they met with 13 yes 13 years ago).

The woman also took photos of me and Hna. Gawrych at the piano and posted them on FB with a "had the mormon missionaries over for Thanksgiving!' where a member saw them and was so excited haha. (The inv's name is María Castillo if you want to look her up and try to find the pictures mom)

Then we ate and it was rice (no beans this time) and it was basically the same normal dish they make with chicken and some potatoes that they cook in a pot with spices and whatnot and sauce except they used turkey haha. Then we had pumpkin spice flavored flan! strange! Then they insisted on taking all these pictures with us haha, so many pictures. THEN the woman's sister came over and we had an AMAZING lesson with her and her sister. The husband left and worked on other stuff but it was really neat to teach them.

Then a member (the woman who loves me so) picked us up for Thanksgiving at her house where there were 18 people total and rice with grandules, turkey, bread, more rice, and really tasty postre. Then we had what they call a "Paranda" where everyone has a musical instrument and sings together.
They gave me this strange instrument which is a hollowed out gourd (long) with lines cut into it and you scrape a giant fork thing against it. It is kinda like a washboard sounding thing but with a gourd and fork. horrible sounding thing but with the other instruments it sounds cool. It is surprisingly hard to play. The members think I am slightly rythmically challenged now but they laughed and helped me out. Hna. Gawrych has pictures but she forgot her cord. We were invited to another paranda this week so I will take more pictures then!!

We are still preparing people to be baptized and no one came to church yesterday, it was very sad, but we are trying to stay positive!

So transfers are tomorrow!! AND I am staying with Hna. Gawrych here in Cabo Rojo!! Wahoo! We are so happy to have Christmas together here!!

Happy Birthday to Alexis and Geoff! Your cards will be late, I am sorry. But I will send them this week! Have so much fun!

Everyone make sure that they go to and watch the video, it is so special and neat! Make sure you share it with EVERYONE!!!

Love Hermana Hardy