And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. ~D&C 84:88

Monday, December 8, 2014

All Back 110%

Hello Family!

Progress report on injuries: completely gone! Well, slightly discolored and tender but I am back 110%!

Stories about lessons and memorable experiences: Well, we had to recommit our lady who was going to be baptized to read the Book of Mormon and to pray because she doesn't have a testimony yet:( but We are back on track! We had a slightly paranoid lady tell me that I look like I would be a nun in another life (she has some pretty neat conspiracies... and thinks the neighbors have a vendetta against her and pay men to through stink bombs at her house)
At one point she said : "there! they did it again! can you smell that?!?!' (we couldn't smell anything...). Someone thought Hna. Gawrych was my mom. Our WML almost got my name right this week! He called me Hna. Gardy. The funny thing is is that the Elder Boren in our ward transferred and we have another Elder Boren that transferred in and the WML still can't remember his name. haha.

This Sunday I actually understood what was going in in Relief Society! (well, I usually understand other Sundays but this one more than others). Our lesson was on prayer and how it is a blessing and commandment. The Gospel Principles class (we had lots of people this week!) was about the Signs of the Second Coming. People on the street talk to us about those sometimes and get way into it and worked up and all I can really say to them is that if you are righteous, you don't really need to worry! Also, I suppose I can say that the signs about the Restoration and BoM have come to pass!

Testimony was amazing this week. We have a less active who is very old and can't come to church sometimes because she just physically can't but her testimony is so strong. She tries to come as often as she can and I was sitting next to her during the meeting and she decided to bear her testimony and we all had to help her get up there. Her testimony was amazing and the Spirit was so strong in that meeting. She is so sweet and firm in her faith.

They decorated the plaza with lights! Some people decorate their houses but not many. They have pasteles for Christmas, and lots of treats and dulces. There is one called Tembleke which is like a coconut pudding and it is my favorite! I have the recipe and I am going to make it. I also sent a package with some of the treats inside for everyone to try.

I received the package from Aunt Jenny and cousins and the letter from Family Beck! I am so happy to hear that Natalie is doing well and I cannot wait to read her emails home!

Good luck everyone with finals and with Christmas decorations! Keep your eyes out on the mail. I cannot believe that it is Christmas already because I feel I left home last week! I love and miss everyone but you all feel so close to me anyways.

Hannah can take my converse! Be careful that you don't hurt your ankle dancing in them! They can be tough to dance in sometimes. When is the Nutcracker for you?!?! Pinky Luck!

I loved the pictures from dad! did Jonny and Hannah run too??

I love you all take care!!

Love Hermana Hardy

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