And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. ~D&C 84:88

Monday, January 11, 2016

What I Have Learned

Hello Family!!

I think this past week was the best week of my mission as far as getting work done and finding people and teaching! Although, I will say my very best and favorite week was when Ana was baptized. But this week we hit and over hit a whole bunch of our goals!!

But wow! So we started out great this week by finding 5 new investigators on Tuesday. Wednesday we had MLC and it was wonderful.

I do have to admit something though...

On the way up to Guaynabo for MLC I was driving and a pigeon landed in the middle of my lane just a few feet in front of me.... There was nothing I could do! It tried to fly away but it was too late and first it hit the front bumper and then the windshield in the left hand bottom corner.

It was just like the movies.... POOOF!! FEATHERS EVERYWHERE! I'm slightly traumatized, I feel so bad. But it was also a bit funny and we're definitely laughing about it now.

Okay, so the best part is.... or maybe worst.... is that we got to Guaynabo chapel and we looked at the front of the car and in the grill part where the bird hit first there were a whole bunch of feathers. See pictures. So sad.

So I think one of my favorite lessons this week was yesterday where we taught the wife of a less active member and she is looking for a church for their family and everything. We did L1 super sweet and simple and she is all set up to read and pray. She rocks, and is super spiritual, and already knows how to pray for an answer and everything. I decided to ask her to be baptized after the actual lesson- that seems to be a pretty effective way sometimes for some people because we finish the lesson and give them a break to think. 

While she gave us some dinner and we were eating I then asked her and she accepted and I gave her a date in February to prepare for when she knows it's all true and she accepted that too! so we're really excited. Hna. Helmick thought all was lost when we ended the lesson without inviting her but I surprised her. She was super excited. So yes, you can set a baptismal date while eating rice and beans.

I won't be here but that's okay:) what's important is that she and her family enter the gate and start the path.

I had a lot of neat experiences like that this week.... so I'm writing them in my journal and we can look back at them when I get home!

Sacrament meeting was wonderful yesterday. Our WML spoke and the ward has their baptismal goal for this year and they're excited. None of our inv. could come this week.... so next week!!

So today for PDAY, well we are having a sister's activity NEXT week so Hna. Helmick and I had to go check out where we're going to see if it works well. We're going to the lighthouse in Maunabo!!! Wahoo! Right in the left hand bottom corner of PR. It was really pretty! So we are excited getting ready for next week. The lighthouse is AWESOME!

My bucket list is going well! We are still working on finishing some. We are in the process with the sisters activity because that was one of them. I made Hna. Kirkland cookies. today we are getting fro-yo. alli vamos! We are having fun with it! I'm not sure if we will get to do ALL of them but just about!! We have a lot that will be done this week.

I definitely have some very good taste... that sounds like a great Baby Shower gift! Haha:)

MLC was wonderful, President taught us about declaring repentance and baptisma and focusing on those things. We need to be bolder in declaring that!

At the end of MLC all the missionaries going home share their testimonies and I was the first to share mine. I shared it and I didn't' get to really share all I had planned or thought about and I shared somethings I hadn't thought about. 

Part of it was sharing the gratitude I feel for my parents and how I have realized that everything I have taught to the people in the PR are the things that my parents taught me. I also shared that although I only have one convert up to today, I know that I will have more converts in my life because of everything I have learned here on my mission. I said that I will be diligent in teaching my children repentance and baptism and they will be my converts too and now I feel better prepared to go out into the world and start and raise a family thanks to everything I learned here.

I LOVE Lexie's pictures. She's so beautiful! Love to hear that Hannah is rocking everything!

Also, did you know?? Hna. Palacios is in Utah visiting her family and will be there until February!!! I think I'll be able to see her!

Well I'll send you pictures now! I love you all! See you soon! I promise to keep on working hard this week. I hope we have as much success as we did last week! Wahoo!

xoxo Hermana Hardy

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